How Do I Get Adsense Approval In 2019 | Fastest Google Adsense Approval Tips

Upon Google Algorithm latest update, Google made AdSense approval quite difficult which throws people into thought of “How do I get AdSense approval in 2019”. Although it’s now difficult but it isn’t impossible getting AdSense approval from Google authorities.

Therefore if you wish to know how to get AdSense approval in 2019 from Google for your blog website you are in a right article, let’s proceed to the discussion.

Google Adsense: What It’s About?

AdSense by Google is an advert company that allows you display ads on your YouTube channel or website.

Google Adsense: How To Get Google Adsense Approval For Website?

Like I made mention earlier about google Algorithm update which made AdSense approval by google authorities a little harder, only that you will have to follow our highlighted  Google AdSense approval trick to do some vital changes on your site in order to get AdSense approval in 2019.

Why Google Authorities Do Rejects Google Adsense Application?

The below are reasons why Google Authorities could reject a website Google AdSense application

  • Content on the website might have been insufficient, google Scrapped or plagiarized content.
  • Poor visiting website navigation.
  • Discovery of too many AdSense accounts by google.
  • Monetization of your website using other Network Ads platforms.
  • Discovery of non-organic Page views or Website Traffic.

To Have Google Approval For Adsense, The Following Are Some Tips For You:

  • You need a hosted domain of at least a month older or more which could be in .com, .in etc. and you can purchase one from GoDaddy if you don’t already have one.
  • You likewise need to have a hosted AdSense account. Get one from GoDaddy, checking if your website is AdSense eligible
  • Your website must have unique post of 15 – 20 articles with more than 300 words. Make sure your articles are developed and not filled with plagiarized contents from other website it may cause the disapproval of your Google AdSense.
  • It’s important your website has a Contact Us page, an About Us, then a Privacy Policy and Disclaimer page. Which are major four important pages.
  • You need to use an SEO optimized and professional clean template for your website to give it a professional website look. You can possibly get this template downloaded from google.
  • It’s important you use images downloaded from google directly in your post. Using any Google downloaded images, edit the tag line by adding your website name to it.
  • When done with the above steps, go to your AdSense hosted account then click on the drop menu option and you see “My ads” option. Upon clicking on it you see other options where you then click “Other Products option”.
  • Type in your website URL and you will be given a code which you then have to paste after the head tag in your site HTML.
  • Then after which you past the code and you get an error, all you need do is remove the “async” word at the beginning of the code. Then click the “Save” icon. Then await a duration of two to three Google AdSense approval time or days for your approval.

Following the above AdSense approval trick above, your site Google AdSense should be approved.

Conclusion How Do I Get Adsense Approval In 2019

Following our detailed tip above on “how to get approval of google AdSense for your website” your application for Google AdSense should be granted. Do let us know in our comment session or Contact Us page. #Cheers!

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  1. Traditionally, business houses used offline media like TV, Radio, Newspaper, Brochures, etc.
    First of, understand that google search robots read text,
    not images. This might bbe quite a tricky task therefore one has to become careful and observant.

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